Information in English

Brunata's service techinician

is coming to visit

Brunata service visit

The information letter you have received in your postbox informs you about a visit from our technicians. The visit may regard reading or service work on water meters, heat meters or electricity meters. Please notice the mentioned date and time slot on the information letter. There may be other information in the letter. Please ask your administrator or a neighbour about the details. You can also contact us from our chat service on this website or by sending a mail to

An important visit

It is crucial, that we get access to your meters, so we can make sure that your consumption is allocated correctly.If we do not get access, we may have to estimate your consumption.

Please ensure access to the meters

So the reading or installation work goes smoothly, please make sure there are no furniture or similar blocking the meters

If you cannot be home at the time slot?

Then you are welcome to leave a key with a neighbour, and send a text message to your technician about the whereabouts.You can find your technician's phone number stamped on the information letter

You can safely let us in

To make the visit a safe experience, we will always

  • Wear gloves
  • Use desinfectant
  • Keep a distance to people and pets
- and hope you will do the same to us